Schedule & Pricing

Tracy’s Custom Gardens Hours of operation are 9am to 9 pm Monday through Friday.

Fee schedule is determined by the job specifications

  • Hourly services: $35 per hour per person for Maintenance programs, and services such as weeding, edging, transplanting, dividing of perennials and more; Some hourly services that include Pruning or stump removals will reflect the below pricing on hourly maintenance jobs.
  • Stump removals: are $60 minimum per stump
  • Pruning and trimming services: are $40 per hour per person, some may be more depending on difficulty level of service. Includes clean-up of debris  ( if homeowner trims shrubs and leaves debris for us to clean we will charge to clean debris at the $35 per hour rate. If not already included in the contract )
  • Mulching: $45 per yard to spread
  •  Topsoil spread and Grade: $45 per yard
  • Stone : $50 per yard to spread

***We spread Mulch, Topsoil and stone, Product to be delivered by the homeowner from the company of their choice prior to the day the job is to be performed unless other arrangements are made in the contractual agreement.  We do charge a delivery fee of $50 per truckload if we deliver materials.

We like our clients to have the freedom to choose whatever mulch and company they like to work with, but we can also make recommendations upon request if you don’t have a company in mind to ensure you get the best quality products available in your area when possible.

**Additional charges may apply for difficult to reach jobs ie. on top of stone walls, along precarious embankments etc.


Tree pruning:  we only trim small trees that can be reached either from the ground or small ladder.  We can assess during our consultation.

Most of our jobs are done on a per-job basis.  We will come and do a free consultation to evaluate your job, type up a contract with the pricing for your individual needs and we can schedule your job upon signing of your contract and payment of any down payments that may be due upon signing.

Please feel free to call or e-mail for your free consultation today!

All Design and other consultations are based on a $70 per hour fee schedule with a minimum of $70.

All per- hour maintenance programs will use the above pricing and will have a $100 minimum charge for each scheduled visit.

Debris Removal :  We are happy to remove all organic debris from our work if there is no town pick-up available in your area.  We charge $50 per truck load to remove debris.  Removable debris includes, branches, weeds, trimmings, dead shrubs and plants.  Jobs with large loads of sod or soil laden debris may be subject to an additional $20 charge for labor to unload.


To order Mulch, Topsoil, Stone we recommend either Wayside Garden Center or Bristols Garden Center

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